Mitteo Smart Target

Connected to your display

Mitteo Smart Target is connected directly (and yet wirelessly) to your display. Thanks to clear and simple app you are able to track all essential data and progress that is crucial for shooter's training.

It shines on it's own

No need to worry about installation of additional and unpractical lights. Mitteo Smart Target contains 3 LED curcuits that cast light on both the centre of the target and it's background. And more! Everything is ajustable right form your tablet, even the color change settings.

Simple installation

  1. Position the Mitteo Smart Target to a suitable place and plug it in
  2. Download the app
  3. Connect to the smart target
Done! Welcome to Mitteo!
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More features

  • Resistant plastic bord on front Frontal board is made of revolutionary durable plastic material. No damage possible. The Mitteo Smart Target is perfectly safe.
  • Built-in spirit level Each Mitteo Smart Target contains small spirit level instrument that will help you place the target to a prefectly horizontal position.
  • Diabolo pellets collector There is a diabolo pellets collector right inside the target. No more sweeping. All pellets are dropped directly to a container and you just simply dump it afterwards.
  • Light signals Mitteo Smart Target communicates with you by an automatic colour change. This way it can let you know something is happening.
  • Low energy consumption Thanks to the revolutionary power saving lights the energy use of Mitteo Smart Target is many times lower than the energy use of common targets.
  • Compact case Each Mitteo Smart Target comes in practical compact case that is easily tranportable and storable. Mitteo itself weighs only 2.5 kilograms.
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