Project history


D-Day Official start

We are launching worldwide Mitteo sales at IWA 2017 fair.


Start of production of paper targets

We are beginning to produce our own thin Mitteo paper targets.

MyMitteo cloud

We are working hard on our results storage – MyMitteo cloud.

Patent Mitteo Bubble

We gain the second patent - this time for a unique display of interventions and outcomes on MyMitteo.


We lead the first negotiation and establish partnerships with retailers around the world.

exhibit at the fair IWA 2016

We are going to exhibit at the fair IWA 2016 (Nuremberg DE) More information.



We launched a new website (the one you are looking at right now).

Final Prototype & Patent

We finally put together the accomplished prototype. On 20th of January 2015 we registered the target's patent by the number 27714.


Negotiations with investors

We began to negotiate with our investors. The overall comunication was being really hard and time consuming.

2nd in Idea of the Year Competition

We entered the Idea of the Year (Nápad roku) competition organized by Vodafone company. Our project won second place.


We made the final touches in settings and did the practical testing. New bugs continued to appear but we managed to fix all of them one by one.


Prototype no. 2

The metallic target seemed to be a bit toublesome so we had to find another solution. After a long time of testing we finally picked the right one: Specifically modified hardened plastic material.

First prototype

We managed to produce our first prototype! It was metallic and we called it Lucy.


Let the fun begin!

The idea of how to manage the problems with regular targets was born. We started to work on our first prototype.


Idea rising

We observed the training at the shooting range. We noticed the young shooters having trouble, some targets got stuck and were hindering the training flow.

So we got an idea to solve this problem.