Our team

Who is behind the Mitteo project?

Fotografie Radima Nováka

Radim Novák

Founder, CEO, Mitteo inventer - development, manufacture, sale Mitteo

European champion and Sydney Olympics contestant with 11 years of experience in sales of shooting equipment. He likes movies, music, architecture, art and blending of natural and human sciences with modern technology. His duties in Mitteo are the product and service (apps) development, project management, team leading, production and sales.

Fotografie Jakuba Michla

Jakub Michl

Co-founder, Programmer - MyMito development, UX, marketing Mitteo

Loves new trends in technology and appreciates fresh ideas. In general he mainly focuses on the area of big data. He's the co-founder of succesfull graphic studio and lead developer of TaskPark online tool. His purpose in Mitteo is to take care of the whole Mitteo marketing and development.

Fotografie Jana Beneše

Jan Beneš

Co-founder, Graphic designer - CI, UX, GUI, Webdesign Mitteo

Co-founder of succesfull graphic studio. His main points of interest are design and graphic arts. He also loves being behind a camera and always follows new trends in the field of photography. He takes care of Mitteo website and GUI and prepare graphic materials.

Fotografie Jana Beneše

Jan Netrval

Co-founder, developer
Fotografie Jana Beneše

Petr Mašek

Co-founder, developer
Fotografie VladimĂ­ra Halody

Bohumil Zíka

Dealers - sale Mitteo

Experienced sales representative. He worked in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Dubai. He loves everything about cars. Regarding IT, it prefers push-button telephones 😃. In Mitteo he is in charge of active sales to shooting clubs and communication with wholesalers, shops and end customers.

Fotografie VladimĂ­ra Halody

Vladimír Haloda

Professional shooter, mechanic - installation, service Mitteo

The current contestant who considers shooting hobby and a job at the same time. He won 8th place at the European Championships in 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. His shooting career began in his childhood. He follows his biggest dream - to compete at the Olympics. He is friendly and always happy to help. His role at Mitteo is the product assembling, testing and service. Thanks to his experience and contacts he contributes to development as well.