Technical specifications

Mitteo Smart Target

Technical specifications

Dimensions 248 x 200 x 138 mm
Weight 2400 g
Power consumption 10 to 26W (depending on the light intensity)
Data transfer Bluetooth (wifi)
Power 12V AC Power Adapter
Package contents Mitteo Smart Target, 12V AC Power Adapter, extension adapter cord, data cable, 2 rolls of paper targets (190 targets), wall fixtures, manual, setup CD or flash drive.
Warranty 3 years

Only for ISSF air rifle
Maximum shot energy 7,5 J
Wifi router reach up to 20 m

Product description

Mitteo Smart Taget is made of plastic material. Targets can be hung on a wall or placed on a stand. The front side is made of very resistant plastic meterial so that the diabolo pellets do not make any marks on it. Inside the plastic catcher there is a stainless steel plate all around the area where 99% of the shots go. Thanks to the usage of the plastic materials the target is quiet, lightweight (only 2400 grams) and is really easy to work with. You can hide Mitteo to the carrying case each time after your training and easily tranport it to another place. You don't have to take any special care of the target. There is also a diabolo pellets collector in the left side on the back of the target. LED lights inside and out around the edge shine on the entire front side and the background aswell. You will not need any other special source of light. RGB LEDs are able to give you a signal and indicate some important information or they can create just a very pleasant atmosphere.

Costs, consumables, transportation

Low power consumption: 10 to 26W (depending on the light intensity)
Low paper target roll cost: 100 hits for 20 CZK (0.75 EUR)
Low shipping prices (whether you order Mitteo Smart Target itself or additional paper target rolls)


3-year warranty. The target is designed only for ISSF air rifle with 10 m range and maximum shot energy of 7,5 J. The manufacturer does not bear responsibility for any other kind of misuse of the product.